Friday, January 15, 2010

Best First-Week-of-School EVER!

Hi friends!

Ok, are you ready for this? This week has been one of the BEST first weeks of my entire school career. I am finally in a class as specific to my major as classes get: MATH 4500 "Methods of Secondary School Mathematics Teaching." Quite a mouthful. But a beautiful mouthful! I have this class from 7:30-10:15AM on Tues. and Thurs. It's really long, but the professor is so great. He is really engaging and definitely doesn't lecture the whole time. He asks us great questions and challenges our thinking. I had to read 40 pages from the textbook and so far I actually enjoy reading my textbook! Mostly because it contains everything I'd ever want to know about teaching math to middle school and high school students--my passion.

I am so stoked, you guys. This is the class I have been waiting for. And I'm planning on doing some extra projects that go along with this class through the Honors Program (more about my experience of Honors in a later post). So hip-hip-hooray for school! I am also taking a neat class from the same professor, MATH 4400 "History of Mathematics and Number Theory." Who doesn't want to learn about how math came about? Come on, you know you're curious! :D I assure you it's going to be interesting! I'll keep you posted on how the semester plays out--I am SO EXCITED!!

Until next time,
Shayla--Your incredibly nerdy, math-loving USU Friend :D