Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane Second Semester

Here are (my) Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane Second Semester:

10 -- Take naps! (If you're on campus, the TSC has some very comfy couches)

09 -- Eat chocolate

08 -- Listen to some of your favorite music while relaxing on your bed

07 -- Take frequent breaks while studying (every 45 minutes or so?) enhance these breaks, I usually go look at interesting books throughout the library :)

06 -- Take up a new hobby (crochet, eating contests, join a campus club*, paint, etc.)

05 -- Read a book...NOT a textbook

04 -- Explore the wonderful and beautiful Cache Valley--(e.g take a tour at the Pepperidge Farm Factory** or at Gossner Foods***)

03 -- Go see a movie!****

02 -- Laugh often (I try to laugh at least once a day)

01 -- Do something you love to do, and do it often

Hopes this helps,
Shayla :)