Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh the weather outside is...

..unpredictable...especially in Logan.

This past week here at USU we've been enjoying beautiful 45-55 degree weather during the day. It has been glorious! There have been students in flip-flops, t-shirts, shorts, and the like enjoying the splendid respite from the cold. As one of my dear friends, Rose, said in her facebook status:

"You know it's been a long winter when 45 degrees feels tropical."
So true.

Today started out just like yesterday and the day before...shorts, flip-flops, students were again rocking spring clothing. ...but around 6:00PM tonight, the wind began to blow...and then the snow began to fall. And now it's been snowing for 3 straight hours!! Approximately SIX inches have fallen during that time.

Oh the joys of living in Logan!
We all complain about it, but we all secretly love it, too. :)